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Gas Stove Hysteria

From the Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #690

Millions of Americans prefer gas stoves for a lot of reasons. The food tastes better, cooks faster, and the stoves are cheaper to install and operate. 

That doesn’t matter to the home appliances police. 

Richard Trumka Jr., a Biden commissioner on the CSPC and the son of the late left-wing head of the AFL-CIO, told Bloomberg the ban is justified because gas stoves increase respiratory problems such as asthma among children. 

This is nothing but a myth promoted by leftwing environmentalists whose real agenda isn’t to reduce asthma, but to ban natural gas in order to “save the planet.” They refuse to acknowledge that natural gas reduces pollution from emissions that can cause real respiratory and health problems. 

The American Gas Association notes that neither the CSPC nor EPA has cited gas stoves as “a significant contributor to adverse air quality or health hazard.”  

If Trumka and his fellow big brothers do outlaw gas stoves (the ban on incandescent light bulbs just took effect last week), Republicans in Congress must use the Congressional Review Act to force a tough Senate floor vote against American consumers.  

It would be much better for Americans to shut down the CPSC than gas stoves.

From the Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #691

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity and many others reported on the Biden administration’s secret plan to move toward banning gas stoves and the outcry (mostly from moms) has been so ferocious that the Biden administration has been forced to sprint backward. This is all just a vast right-wing conspiracy – the Biden administration is now assuring us.

Their trial balloon has crashed and burned.

Here’s the real story. Earlier this week Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr. jumped the gun in announcing the plan under consideration. The chairman of the CPSC and Biden himself claimed the opposite. The media is dutifully working overtime to transform the story into a right-wing “culture war” fantasy.

The Democrats do want to declare war on gas stoves – and they are already banning them around the country. Why? Because they hate anything to do with fossil fuels.

In New York, the governor asked the legislature to enact a statewide ban in an official legislative proposal just days ago. There are already local bans on gas appliances in new construction in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City. 

Analysis by Karl Miller

All of these so called “green initiatives” are merely a drop in the bucket, according to policy analyst Karl Miller. 

“China’s greenhouse gases emissions exceed those of the U.S and developed countries combined. China is also responsible for 27% and growing of the World’s emissions while the U.S accounts for 11% with much higher environmental standards. China also controls over 70% of the supply chain for minerals for batteries to power electric cars often extracted from low environment standards. So not only has dubious science been used for destructive policies, it is enabling Americas greatest adversary to be in a stronger position to capitalize and manipulate them for its global hegemonic ambitions. The latest gambit to end gas stoves is only the latest wake up call of our creeping slide into deeper public policy suicide and economic malpractice.”

Read his full analysis here: 

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