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Government Employees Want to Be First in Line for the Vaccine

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #177
1) Government Employees Want to Be First in Line for the Vaccine

This just in from one of Washington’s largest government employee unions:

“The International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers represents highly skilled professionals across the federal government….We believe that these essential workers and others who are critical to our nation’s infrastructure, defense, economy, justice system, and health should be moved toward the front of the line to receive the vaccine.”

These are the employees who work for NASA, EPA, HHS, Justice Department, and the like. Let’s just say we doubt they are as essential to the American way of life as they think they are. 

We can’t help noting the irony that a group of people who despise Trump and three months ago warned that you couldn’t trust a Trump vaccine are now scampering to the front of the line to take it – on the grounds that they are “essential” and the rest of us not so much. Unless there is a snow day and in that case, they are non-essential.
2) Democrats Have Their Smallest House Majority Since 1893

This week, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer took a poignant photo in the Capitol Rotunda with the dozen or so Democrats who lost their seats in November. GOP leader Kevin McCarthy responded with the photo below:

They bring into sharp relief the difficulty House Democrats have what calls “a razor-thin majority that could leave the chamber effectively ungovernable.” We can only hope.

Life won’t be easy for Nancy Pelosi. First, she has to win 218 votes to become House Speaker when the new Congress convenes and 10 Democratic members last time voted for someone else. Many of them promised their constituents they wouldn’t support her as Speaker. 

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