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Help Wanted – to the Tune of 6.7 Million Jobs

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #178
1) Help Wanted – to the Tune of 6.7 Million Jobs

There was a lot of consternation about the rise in Americans collecting unemployment benefits last week. What a shock. States lock down their businesses and workers become unemployed. You could knock us over with a feather.

What wasn’t reported much is a just-released Department of Labor report which finds that at the end of October (the latest read) there were 6.7 million job openings in the U.S. This is very close to the all-time high mark and is higher than at any time under Obama-Biden even though we are constantly told the fairy tale that those were the days of wine and roses for the economy. 

Think about this: if we could fill just half of these 6.7 million jobs with some of the 11 million unemployed workers, the unemployment rate would fall to close to 5%. So why aren’t the jobs being swallowed up? Two reasons. A) workers don’t have the skills to fill them, and B) the government is paying millions of workers a lot of money each week to stay on the couch. These are both failures of policy, not the Trump economy. 

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