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Here’s the CBO Debt Forecast WITHOUT the Multi-Trillion Dollar Spending Spree

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Issue #340
1) Here’s the CBO Debt Forecast WITHOUT the Multi-Trillion Dollar Spending Spree

Here is what the Congressional Budget Office forecasts (not counting the Biden $4 trillion spending plan):
“By the end of 2021, federal debt held by the public is projected to equal 102 percent of GDP. Debt would reach 107 percent of GDP (surpassing its historical high) in 2031 and would almost double to 202 percent of GDP by 2051. Debt that is high and rising as a percentage of GDP boosts federal and private borrowing costs, slows the growth of economic output, and increases interest payments abroad. A growing debt burden could increase the risk of a fiscal crisis and higher inflation as well as undermine confidence in the U.S. dollar, making it more costly to finance public and private activity in international markets.”

Wouldn’t the rational course of action be to start dramatically CUTTING government spending right now?
2) Will New York Close its Doors to the Unvaccinated?

This headline from Channel 4 news in New York makes us wonder whether the Big Apple will EVER return to normal:

Everywhere Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations for Workers, Customers

“As the delta variant of COVID-19 rages across the region, local and state governments — as well as private-sector employers — have been mulling vaccination mandates to help stop the spread.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has urged New York businesses to refuse to serve unvaccinated customers and only employ vaccinated workers.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has just ordered that restaurants, bars, clubs, and gyms must require proof of vaccination for entry. 

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