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Only One in Four “Infrastructure” Dollars Goes to Roads, Bridges or Airports

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Issue #339
1) Only One in Four “Infrastructure” Dollars Goes to Roads, Bridges or Airports

Polls show infrastructure spending is popular with voters because they think it means filling potholes, reducing road and highway congestion, and modernizing airports.
Guess what: out of almost $600 billion in spending in the “bipartisan deal,” less than $150 billion is for that.
The list below shows most of the spending is for green energy nonsense, like free charging stations for Teslas, solar and wind transmission hook ups, and mass transit.  In the last year, we have ALREADY doled out tens of billions of dollars to the corrupt and riderless subway systems during Covid.  Now they get another $49 billion.  Buses and subways should all be privatized.

2) Congress to “Pay For” This Trillion Dollar Bill By Rooting Out Fraud from the Last Trillion Dollar Bill

There is something else infuriating in the table above: Dems want to “pay for” their sham infrastructure bill by instituting a new program called “Unemployment Insurance Integrity.” 
You mean Congress has spent at least $200 BILLION on unemployment benefits for the past year and a half and just NOW they are instituting an “integrity” program to make sure fraudsters aren’t ripping off the system? Talk about slamming shut the barn door after the horses have fled. As we reported on Friday, auditors have discovered tens of billions of dollars of fraudulent UI payments to millions of ineligible recipients.
So let’s see if we have this right: the schemers in Congress passed a $1.9 trillion emergency spending bill in March, which was riddled with fraud and NOW they claim they are going to pay for their next trillion dollar fiscal monstrosity by rooting out the fraud and waste that they never investigated from the previous bill. And this is scored as a budget “SAVINGS?”
If a private company tried to pay its bills with this kind of bookkeeping stunt, every executive would be tossed in jail and they’d throw away the key.
Notice also, the offsetting spending reduction offsets.  You can look all you want, but, sorry, there aren’t any.
Not a penny.
So in the $4 trillion federal budget, the Dems can’t find a single dollar of cuts. These people are dangerous.

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