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Hey Joe: Where Are All the EV Charging Stations? for 06/04/2024

The Biden administration has spent tens of billions of dollars on green energy, yet last year the U.S. and the world used record amounts of fossil fuels.

That would seem to be prima facie evidence that this “great transition” to renewable energy has so far been an expensive policy belly flop.

The evidence is everywhere. Americans aren’t buying electric vehicles any more than they were before President Joe Biden was elected. Even with record federal subsidies, car companies are losing billions of dollars making EVs that people don’t want. Wind and solar still account for less than 10% of American energy, and across the country hundreds of communities are saying “not in my backyard” to ugly, spacious solar and wind farms. And of course, electric bills and gas prices at the pump are 30% to 50% higher, even though we were promised the green revolution would save us money.

Updated: Tue Jun 04, 2024

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