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NYPost: Biden’s energy idiocy lost US $150B of oil and gas — bringing pain at the pump

The summer’s heavy driving months are here, so President Biden is once again blaming high gas prices on anyone but himself.  

First it was Trump. Then it was Putin.

And now, with the price at the pump still at or above $4 a gallon in many markets, Biden is pointing the finger at oil company “greed.” 

He even wants to bring antitrust action against “big oil” executives for allegedly conspiring with OPEC to reduce supply and keep retail gas prices high.

But if restricting oil and gas supply is a crime, he had better put himself behind bars.   

This is the man who, from the moment he came into office, declared that he wanted to bankrupt the oil and gas industry.  

The Biden administration has enacted some 200 rules, regulations and executive orders to limit oil and gas production here at home, as part of his climate change agenda and the “great transition” to zero fossil fuel production. 

Remember, one of Biden’s first actions as president was to kill the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Now he says he wants oil companies to produce more oil? 

Really? Has he told his radical climate-change activist friends?   

Read the full article by Stephen Moore in the New York Post:

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