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A Democratic Governor Takes on the Anti-Housing Extremists

One of the common denominators of most Blue states is how difficult they make it to build new housing. In Hawaii, which gave Joe Biden 64% of the vote, the median home price is more than three times the national average (even though the state is losing population to other states), in large part because regulations add between $233,000 to $325,000 to the cost of developing a new home.

Josh Green, the new Democratic governor, says the problem is so dire that he is ignoring the objections of environmentalists and issuing an emergency to suspend a half dozen state and county laws to allow the building of 50,000 housing units. “If anyone says this isn’t an emergency or isn’t a crisis, they don’t know what’s happening in Hawaii,” Green said.

The governor’s order targets “the lengthy and cumbersome planning, zoning and permitting processes” that have made housing so expensive that 20 people a day are leaving a state many used to consider a paradise. The sick joke in Hawaii is that the old NIMBY “Not In My Backyard” anti-housing movement has morphed into BANANA – “Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody.”

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