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A Majority of Americans No Longer Support Free Speech.

Alex Berenstein calls this “the scariest poll you will see all summer.”

We think it’s one of the most frightening polls we’ve seen – ever.

A full 55% of Americans say the government “should ban misinformation.”

What’s really disgusting is that more than two of three Democrats want the government to throw free speech rights out the window if the government determines the words are “misinformation.” Lord only knows which speech police will be deciding what constitutes “misinformation.” Does this include even muzzling Nobel Prize winners who challenge conventional wisdom? (See item 1 above.)

A separate poll shows that young people are also more likely to want the government to shut down speech they disagree with or deem “hurtful.” In today’s America where young people need to have their “safe spaces,” there is no tolerance for dissent.

The First Amendment is the most cherished of all our rights in America – which is why it is FIRST! Apparently well more than half of Americans don’t know that central to all Americans’ First Amendment rights is that it PROTECTS speech that may be offensive to some, disagreeable, irreverent, controversial, or even wrong.

We don’t know how much longer the speech police will allow the Hotline to be published. Seriously.

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