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A Welcome War Against The Soros Pro-Crime Rogue Prosecutors

Billionaire George Soros has spent millions to elect district attorneys whose agenda is to let dangerous criminals out of jail early or never put them in jail in the first place with, for example, “no cash bail policies.” Soros has installed soft-on-crime top prosecutors and D.A.s in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. Crime is now surging in these cities.

But there is a push back across the country:

      • In Los Angeles County, Democrat Alex Villanueva, who is the first Hispanic sheriff in 130 years, has had enough of L.A. District Attorney George Gascon. When four gang members were accused of killing an off-duty LA police officer, Villanueva said he feared Gascon’s office would go easy. He asked the feds to take over the case because he feared that Gascon’s prosecution would “not really cover the depravity of this crime.” With crime surging in L.A., there is now a recall effort against Gascon – backed by the Beverly Hills city council.

      • Another recall is underway against Chesa Boudin, the radical prosecutor in San Francisco.
      • In Pennsylvania the Senate majority leader Jake Corman has moved to have Soros-backed Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner mpeached because of skyrocketing crime rates in the city.

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