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We Did “Almost Everything Right,” Say The Officers Of The Titanic

With President Biden’s agenda dragging itself through the molasses of the legislative process and his hopes for a transformative presidency seemingly dashed, it’s all but inevitable that blame will be placed on the Democratic Party’s progressives. They were too ambitious and too naive, this story goes, believing they had a mandate for revolutionary change when in fact the public opposed their left-wing program….

But that story is wrong in every respect. In fact, over the past two years, progressives have done almost everything right, or at least as well as could have been expected…

The progressive modus operandi this entire time: Make the case for what are very popular ideas, stay flexible, accomplish what they can, and support the president… Blaming the left for the failures of any Democrat is an old habit, one that will probably never die. But it surely isn’t the left’s fault.

The Washington Post’s self-described “progressive” columnist Paul Waldman

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