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America Has the World’s Cheapest Natural Gas – Why Aren’t We Using It?

We’ve often made the point on these pages that natural gas is the world’s wonder fuel: cheap, abundant, made-in-America, reliable, AND clean burning. The left’s war against natural gas is indescribably stupid given that the single biggest factor in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere has been the increased reliance on natural gas for electric power generation.

No country has more natural gas than America. The innovations that spurred the natural gas shale revolution of the last 15 years were horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

Our friend Harold Hamm of Continental Resources – the godfather of the shale revolution – sent us this remarkable chart on the impact on the American economy relative to other nations. Our U.S. natural gas price has fallen by more than half while the rest of the world has seen their prices double or triple. All we need to dominate this market for decades to come are LNG terminals, pipelines, and drilling permits. Why isn’t this happening?

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