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National Popular Vote Would Screw the Small States

We’re hearing a lot of chatter about scrapping the electoral college and moving to the National Popular Vote to choose the president. Even some Republicans are endorsing this truly dreadful idea. It would overturn our Founding Fathers’ brilliant design of an election system based on federalism – with the power residing where it belongs – with the states.

It is simple math that with a national popular vote, the president would essentially be elected by about a dozen highly populated states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, New Jersey, and Virginia. Small states would become irrelevant. Their voices would be unheard in presidential elections.

Our friends at the Leadership Institute have done a great public service in calculating which states would lose 20% or more of their political power under National Popular Vote schemes. Six small states would lose more than 50% of their influence in choosing the president and vice president.

Here’s a list of States that will lose the most political influence under a national popular vote:

Note that many of these small states that lose power are blue states. So this isn’t a partisan issue. Anyone who lives in one of these 18 states and wants a National Popular Vote should have their head examined.


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