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Americans Agree With Us: Raising Taxes and Increased Regulation Weaken Social Security and Medicare

We noted last week on these pages that our new study by CTUP scholars Casey Mulligan and EJ Antoni shows that Bidenomics has weakened Social Security and Medicare’s long-term solvency by roughly between $400 billion and $900 billion.

Voters must be reading the Hotline because a new poll by America’s New Majority Project of 1,000 registered voters (conducted by pollster Scott Rasmussen) finds a majority of Republicans and Democrats agree that a strong economy is the key to solving the multitrillion-dollar funding train wreck. Three times as many Americans (70%) think prosperity is a better solution than raising taxes by 11%.

As for HOW to grow the economy by a two-to-one margin, voters endorse lower taxes and less regulation as a sound strategy.

These results flatly contradict the Biden fiscal strategy of fixing Social Security by raising and expanding the reach of the 15.3% FICA payroll tax.

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