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And Now the Left Is Censoring That Terrible Racist…Agatha Christie

It’s no mystery why Agatha Christie has been translated into over 70 languages and is the most published author of all time, behind only the Bible and Shakespeare. Her detective stories are so popular that they’ve sold over a billion copies.

But now Christie has run afoul of the “sensitivity police.” She’s joined British children’s author Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, in having many passages in her books reworked or removed.

No one argues that a 1939 Christie novel title that included a term that was racist toward blacks shouldn’t have been changed.  She herself agreed at the time. But the dozens of new concessions to ‘wokeness” are absurd and baffling.

In “Death on the Nile” (1937), references to the proud Nubian people of Egypt have been cut, with “the Nubian boatman” now referred to as “the boatman”.

A young woman described as being “of gypsy type” is now only referred to as “a young woman”.

References to “natives” have been replaced with “locals”.

Black people are apparently no longer allowed to smile or grin in Christie’s books.

Nor is an angry judge allowed to have “his Indian temper.”

What’s next, blacklisting Eeyore for stereotyping donkeys as grumpy?

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