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Americans Are Willing To Pay Only $55 A Year to Fight Global Warming

The Committee has sponsored a new survey by MWR Strategies, which finds that Americans are about seven TIMES more concerned about inflation, surging gas prices, and the economy than they are saving the planet.

When asked how much are you willing to pay each year for climate change, the median answer was $55 – which is about the amount most Americans are paying in higher gasoline prices at the pump to fill up their tank just twice.

Most of the steps that Biden and the greens want to take to mitigate climate change are also losers with American voters. New energy taxes are opposed by more than eight of 10 respondents, and more than two-thirds (68 percent) said we don’t need government policies that force consumers to buy them.

      • Inflation and concerns about the economy dominate voters’ mindshare. In an open-ended format, almost a third (30 percent) of respondents indicated that the economy or inflation were the most pressing issues facing the United States. Just 13 percent said the COVID was the most pressing issue (which indicates that voters have moved on from the virus).

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