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Another Report Confirms Cuomo Nursing Home Coverup – (And Yet He Still Wants To Run For Governor Again)

Regular Hotline readers will recall that then-NY governor Andrew Cuomo was responsible for policies that led to thousands of deaths from Covid in nursing homes. He tried to cover it all up while collecting a $5.1 million book advance to brag about his “success.”

But we now have a third report – this one from New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli – finds there were 13,147 nursing home resident deaths with COVID while Cuomo officials published the number as 9,076. That’s close to a 50 percent increase or 4,000 additional deaths.

The report found that New York surveyed just 20% of nursing homes for infection control measures “compared with over 90% for some other states.”

Roughly five people died from the Jan. 6 “insurrection” – compared to 13,000 from the nursing home scandal. Yet the media obsesses over the former and completely ignores the latter.

Meanwhile, here is the Bloomberg headline on the Cuomo comeback:

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