Americans Blame Biden, Not Putin, For Raging Inflation

The Biden White House is at least really good at one thing: passing the buck – literally and figuratively. Old Joe blames everyone and everything from Vladimir Putin (80% of inflation happened BEFORE the Ukraine invasion), COVID, corporate greed, and energy company price gouging for the runaway price hikes.

Americans aren’t buying it. The new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll asked voters who they blamed the most for inflation. The winner by a mile was “Biden and his policies” with 38 percent, followed by COVID at 28 percent with “corporations raising prices” at only 23 percent and “Russia’s invasion” trailing badly at 6 percent.

These devastating numbers lead us to ask: When are the Biden economic brainiacs going to understand that “price gouging” is what companies do to make money. Is Bruce Springsteen price gouging when he charges $1,500 a ticket for a fan to sit in the front row?

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