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Another Round of Net Neutrality Stupidity

Yesterday Biden FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel announced a new round of net neutrality regulation. Her proposed regulations would socialize the infrastructure necessary to build out and secure high-speed internet access to every area of the country. This would obviously slow down the tech revolution in communications — and is baffling five years after the Obama version was repealed when none of the apocalyptic predictions from Democrats and the media came true.

Former Trump FCC chairman Ajit Pai mocked the fake urgency:

Not only did none of the predicted horribles occur, but there was a boom in investment by cable and telcos, prices lagged inflation, and – quite the opposite of the Democrat prediction of an Internet that loads one word at a time, there was a major increase in Internet speeds:

When the Zoom-boom hit, American Internet providers managed the surge in demand with very few hiccups, while regulated Europe was forced to throttle traffic.

But Rosenworcel started off her speech yesterday complaining that she had poor WiFi reception in her house when lockdowns hit – seriously.

Maybe we could just buy her a better router, instead of using that as an excuse to impose multi-billion-dollar regulations on Internet providers?

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