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Biden FTC Sues To Destroy Amazon Prime

The FCC action described above wasn’t even this week’s craziest Biden assault against the high-tech sector. That distinction goes to the FTC – which officially filed an antitrust lawsuit to try to ban Amazon Prime.

This may be the most ludicrous antitrust case in history because Amazon Prime LOWERS prices for consumers. That’s why two-thirds of voters pay the $15 a month to be Amazon Prime members. They get in return:

      • Unlimited movie and TV streaming
      • Unlimited reading of over a thousand books
      • Unlimited music streaming of over 2 million songs
      • Whole Foods deals

Is Amazon being sued for lowering prices TOO much? If there is any crime being committed here, it is a victimless crime because the customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with it.

As usual, the regulators are way behind the real-world market. E-commerce Age, a trade publication, recently ran this headline:

Question: Does Lina Kahn have any scintilla of an idea of what she is doing?

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