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Are We Living In A Hobbesian World?

Our friends at the blog Issues & Insights have come up with a clever way to measure the devastation that President Biden has helped exacerbate in America: the Hobbes Index.

The name is taken from 17th-century political philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who popularized the observation that life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

The Hobbes Index improves on the “Misery Index” that during Jimmy Carter’s presidency described the combined effect of high inflation and high unemployment.

Solitary. Lockdowns and mandates frayed the bonds of social interaction. One in eight Americans now report having no friends at all. Suicide attempts have soared.

Poor. The highest inflation rate in 40 years cost the average household $3,500 last year.

Nasty. Our last two presidents have represented a coarsening of the political culture. Biden has even escalated the trend – “Stupid son of a b—-,” is what Biden called a White House reporter recently.

Brutish. The murder rate increased by 30% in 2020,as mass theft has forced retailers to close stores in inner-city locations.

Short. Average life expectancy decreased by almost two years in 2020, as COVID and drug overdose deaths skyrocketed.

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