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How Krysten Sinema Helped Save The Country

The first major book about Year One of the Biden Administration is out and it won’t surprise anyone that the White House has found scapegoats for its failure to pass its Build Back Better government takeover bill.

In their book This Will Not Pass, New York Times writers Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns report that White House aides completely reject the view that Biden’s problems resulted from lurching to the left once in office after he campaigned as a moderate.

Instead, the villains in the White House version of events were…Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

Sinema comes under heavy attack for rejecting the $5 trillion Build Back Better.

But there are several other nuggets that make her more endearing to us. She argued with White House aides when they asked her to wear a face mask when visiting the president, repeatedly asking why that was necessary when she had been vaccinated. Just this week, Sinema voted to end the Biden mandate requiring masks be worn on planes.

She discouraged Biden from coming to Arizona after the COVID rescue plan passed in 2021.

At a private fundraiser in D.C., she pitched herself as an anti-tax and anti-government legislator, who mocked Biden while speaking warmly about House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.

She told fellow senators that five or six other Senate Democrat moderates were “hiding behind my skirt” as she stood up to the left.

We know Sinema is no conservative and leans left on green energy projects and social policy. But you have to admire a senator who stood up like she did to the bullies in her own party. And she helped save the country in the process.

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