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Are You Better Off Than You Were Two Or Three Years Ago?

We at the Hotline are scrupulously NOT taking sides in the presidential race – we will vet and advise any and all the candidates from both parties who want our help on how to create prosperity. But for those who say: “Trump can’t win,” think again.

His argument for taking back the White House isn’t complicated. He can borrow the brilliant line from Ronald Reagan, circa 1980. Reagan looked straight into the camera and asked the American people: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” During the Jimmy Carter presidency, the answer was clearly a resounding no as inflation and high taxes made people poorer.

We’re seeing that cycle repeated under Biden. The chart below prepared by our senior fellow in economics, E.J. Antoni, shows the hammering that workers have taken thanks to the surge of inflation. For 25 straight months, real take-home pay has trailed behind inflation.

But what is really fascinating about this chart is the skyrocketing real wage GAINS under Trump.

Trump was the pro-blue-collar worker president. Biden is the anti-blue-collar president. A lot can change in 18 months, but every day that Biden is president the Trump years look so much better.

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