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Auto Dealers to Biden: Stop Mandating EVs That People Won’t Buy

If a dog doesn’t want to take a pill, once he clenches his jaws shut, there is just about no way of prying his mouth open.

The same can be said of getting car buyers to purchase cars they don’t want. Despite all the tens of billions of dollars of bribes/enticements the government is dangling in front of them, millions of car buyers are saying “no thanks” to EVs.

Now auto dealers around the country are revolting. Earlier this week more than 3,800 auto dealerships (including four owned by the family of Virginia Democrat Don Beyer) urged the Biden administration to stop forcing EVs down their throats.

In their letter to the president, they write:

Your Administration has proposed regulations that would essentially mandate a dramatic shift to battery electric vehicles (BEVs), increasing year after year until 2032, when two out of every three vehicles sold in America would have to be battery electric.

Currently, there are many excellent battery electric vehicles available for consumers to purchase. We believe their appeal will grow over time. The reality, however, is that electric vehicle demand today is not keeping up with the large influx of BEVs arriving at our dealerships prompted by the current regulations. BEVs are stacking up on our lots…

Mr. President, it is time to tap the brakes on the unrealistic government electric vehicle mandate.

Will Biden listen? Doubtful.

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