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Leftist Foundations are Paying Big Media To Scare Monger on Climate Change

The year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference is meeting in Dubai this week, but media and public interest is fading. Influential business network CNBC has just dismantled the network’s “climate change desk.”

“CNBC has dismantled its climate desk and will no longer have staff dedicated to covering climate change,” reports Bloomberg’s Akshat Rathi, noting that CNBC “climate innovation” reporters Catherine Clifford and Katie Brigham among others were being let go.

So what is keeping this never-ending story of a coming apocalypse going?

Bribes from a small handful of multi-billion dollar “philanthropic” foundations. In Britain alone, the Gates Foundation has donated some $83 million to the Guardian newspaper, the BBC, and other outlets to “enhance” their climate coverage. In the U.S., the Associated Press hired 20 climate change reporters last year after getting $8 million in funding from liberal foundations.

Covering Climate Now, supported by other liberal foundations, spoon-feeds prepackaged alarmist stories to partners that include ReutersBloombergCBS NewsABC News and — of course — MSNBC.

Neil Winton, the former science and technology correspondent for Reuters, laments that his old employer seems to have “sold out to the hysterics and axe grinders.” He says stories used to be held to strict standards of accuracy, both sides were asked for comment and reporting was balanced. Now Wilson says stories by Reuters on climate change are in “direct contradiction” to those values.

So we now have yet another victim of the Climate Change Industrial Complex: journalistic ethics.

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