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Beware: Don’t Roll Your Eyes When You Read This

If you want to know why radical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs are so harmful and disruptive, look no further than Britain. An entire industry has been spawned by the UK’s DEI programs, which include training people to spot and put an end to “Microaggressions.”

According to training materials, Microaggressions include “tiny, often unconscious gestures, facial expressions, postures, words and tone of voice which can influence how included (or not included) the people around us feel.” Lawyers are scouting out these acts of “aggression” and bringing lawsuits against employers and employees for hurting a fellow worker’s feelings.

This racket is becoming big business. Many British employers are spending as much as $1,300 a person to “train” employees not to scoff, roll their eyes, or stare at their mobile phones because this could be evidence of sexual or racial discrimination. Everyone is encouraged to ritually “nod their heads to promote transparency and inclusion.”

Will this madness come across the ocean? It already has.

We have a better idea: why not just tell employees to treat their fellow workers with respect and dignity?

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