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On Immigration It’s the Evil Versus the Stupid Party

Does anyone recall a border crisis when Trump was president? SERIOUSLY.

Today’s border crisis began on exactly January 21, 2021 – the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration when he opened the border to any and all who wanted to come.

So why are Republicans in the Senate making this at all complicated by negotiating a half-witted $118 billion “bipartisan deal” with five moving parts?

We will remind readers of this chart that any C student 4th grader could understand. Under Trump a controlled border. Under Biden, chaos.

This is a president who didn’t want to finish building the wall; who is welcoming illegal immigrants into the country with minimal effort at enforcement; who lifted the stay-in-Mexico rule; who initiated a “catch and release” program; who is instructing the federal border agents to cut wire fences that Texas erected to try to deter illegal entries; and has made illegal immigrants eligible for welfare benefits.

Meanwhile, Democratic governors and mayors around the country declared themselves to be sanctuary cities and sanctuary states – which was an open invitation for illegals to come. They have passed laws making illegals eligible for all sorts of government benefits. Now New York, Illinois, and California are demanding federal taxpayer dollars to pay for the care of the migrants that they said they would greet with open arms.

Here’s just ONE recent example of how lunatic the Democrats are on immigration policy. Late last week, the House voted on a bill to make drivers who are “intoxicated or impaired” by alcohol or drugs and those guilty of Social Security fraud eligible for deportation if they are non-citizens.

Amazingly, 150 House Democrats (70 percent of their caucus) voted against those provisions. These Democrats fell in line behind “The Squad” of radical progressives who called it racist. “Squad” commander Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan warned that the bill was about “creating a separate and unequal system of justice.”

These people are about as committed to border security as Al Capone was to ending crime in Chicago.

And now the Stupid Party is rushing to the Democrats’ political rescue. House Republicans and Trump are rightfully denouncing this cockamamie scheme, and MSNBC complained with a straight face this morning that Republicans are the ones who are blocking border security.

The GOP’s response to this should be short and simple: we don’t need a new law. We don’t need another $100 billion debt-financed spending bill. All Biden needs to do to control the border is to ENFORCE THE LAW and put back in place the Trump border policies that he repealed. Period. Hard stop.

Republicans should stop negotiating with frauds. Make the November election a referendum on the issue that every poll shows is the greatest concern of Americans: the out-of-control border. Biden has created a humanitarian, fiscal, and national security calamity. And nearly every voter knows it.

Biden’s Border Policy: C’mon In!

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