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Biden Allows Gas Prices To Soar – Then Lectures Americans: You Should Have Bought An Electric Car

If Jennifer Granholm isn’t the most moronic Energy Secretary in American history, we’d hate to know who beats her out for that prize.

Earlier this week Granholm triumphantly announced:

So let’s get this straight: Granholm’s Energy Department has intentionally(?) driven up the price of gas from $2.39 a gallon (when Trump left office) to $3.79 this week, and now is crowing that gas is so expensive that EVs are cheaper to charge!

Energy expert Phil Flynn, a Fox Business News contributor, explains the nuttiness of the Granholm argument: “This administration has no shame. High gas prices are your and my fault because we should have bought an EV.”  But if Biden hadn’t declared war on fossil fuels and we had simply stuck with the Trump pro-drilling policies, EVs wouldn’t be even near competitive to filling up with gas at $2.39 a gallon.

There is another problem with this analysis, according to Flynn: ”If everyone took Secretary Granholm’s advice and bought an electric car, the billions of dollars it would take to upgrade the electric infrastructure would be passed on to the EV-buying public, to charge their cars that are limited in range.”

Sorry, Jennifer, you get an F in math.

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