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Is Donald Trump Really A Flight Risk?

More evidence of the absurdity of the Trump indictments comes from Judge Beryl Howell – who actually agreed with the preposterous theory of special prosecutor Jack Smith that the former President is a flight risk. Is she going to put an ankle bracelet on him?

Jonathan Turley did a superb job of ridiculing this ruling:

“Process that for a second. Trump has 24/7 security. So Howell agreed that he might shake his sizable security detail, evade them, and go on the lam. He is one of the most recognized figures in the world. He would have to go to Mars to live incognito. Or maybe he would escape to Cuba.

The finding of a flight risk undermines the credibility of the court’s order.”

It sure does. Love Trump or hate him. But any fair-minded person should now agree that Judge Howell has forfeited any pretense of objectivity in this case. This is turning into a kangaroo court.

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