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Biden Bans Affordable Health Insurance Plans

One of Trump’s smartest moves on health care was to deregulate “short-term plans.” Companies stepped in with competitively priced products that, unlike Obamacare plans, are not limited to narrow provider networks. Three million people are now in these plans. But not for long.

Cato’s Michael Cannon explains:

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, 95 percent of short-term plans are “comprehensive coverage.” They often have “lower deductibles or wider provider networks” than Obamacare plans have. For nine to ten months of the year, short-term plans offer more-comprehensive coverage than any Obamacare plan, since Obamacare is unavailable outside of narrow enrollment windows.

Short-term plans accomplish all this at a cost “as much as 60 percent lower than premiums for the lowest‐cost [Obamacare] plan.” It’s amazing what freedom can do.

To President Biden, the freedom to choose one’s health insurance is a “loophole.” His new rules try to force those 3 million people into Obamacare by punishing them for choosing the “wrong” product. Until now, short-term plans could last twelve months, long enough that enrollees could maintain continuous coverage at least until the next Obamacare-enrollment window. Biden will now require insurers to terminate all short-term plans after just four months…

Since those patients will remain ineligible for Obamacare until the following January, Biden is literally stripping health insurance from the sick and leaving them uninsured for up to twelve months.

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