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Hollywood Is a Climate Propaganda Machine

We’ve previously reported on the total takeover of Hollywood by anti-growth extreme climate warriors.

Roughly 10 percent of the most popular movies in the last decade include scenes in which characters warn of climate change. Case in point: In “Justice League”, Batman pauses to note “Mankind’s melting the polar ice caps, destroying the ecosystem.”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which runs the Oscars, holds an annual conference on how to communicate climate doom “narratives.”

But things can always get worse.

Good Energy is a Los Angeles-based “action” tank with the goal that 50 percent of new TV and film projects acknowledge climate change within the next three years.

Here are some of the findings: nearly a quarter of Warner Brothers films and 40% of DC Comics movies now include climate change warnings.  But they also list disappointments.

We found it comical that Good Energy mourns that “only 2 percent of films contained a character who is experiencing climate anxiety…only 9.6 percent of films portrayed a character riding a bicycle, and 1.2 percent of films featured characters who are identified as vegan or vegetarian.”

Wait a minute. Does Hollywood really want more Americans to go into depression because of imminent climate Armageddon?

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