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Biden Declares War On Highway Humor

Is there ANYTHING at all Biden doesn’t want to regulate? Last October, we at CTUP issued a highly influential report that found President Biden’s first two years of new regulations created more than $1 trillion in regulatory costs, or about $10,000 per household.

But even we never imagined that Biden would launch a war on humor. The Federal Highway Administration has just issued a 1,100-page manual requiring states to ban references to pop culture or attempts at snarky humor on overhead electronic signs.

Biden killjoys insist that states remove messages such as “Hands on the wheel, not your meal” (Arizona) “Visiting In-Laws? Slow down, get there late” (Ohio) “Don’t cruise when boozed” (Missouri), and “Don’t drive Star Spangled Hammered” (Pennsylvania). One of our favorites: “Don’t Drink and Drive – It Tastes Terrible.” And this one could be banned too:

These are clever public service announcements that are humorous but get the message across. But the federal bureaucrats claim such messages distract drivers, more so than boring messages.

Isn’t the point of a public service ad to get people’s attention and encourage better behavior? We’re told that humorous and clever billboards are surely next to be banned for distracting drivers from the monotony of long-trips down the highway and we would argue this keeps drivers awake.

We’d like to see a state post a message for Washington that reads: “Go Pry Our Signs From Our Cold, Dead Hands!”

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