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Maybe It’s Biden, Not Trump, Who Will Get Tripped Up in New Hampshire

We’ve been busy this past weekend so we wanted to also call attention to our CTUP senior fellow John Fund’s piece in the Wall Street Journal. Here is a brief excerpt:

“Joe Biden is running as if he were unopposed for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he may face a comeuppance in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire could prove an early measure of the incumbent’s weakness. Mr. Biden decided not to put his name on the ballot, forcing allies to run a write-in campaign against Rep. Dean Phillips and self-help author Marianne Williamson.

It’s reminiscent of 1968, when Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota was polling at between 10% and 20% but then had a late surge, and President Lyndon B. Johnson—also a write-in—wound up winning by only 49% to 42%. Two weeks later, after New York’s Sen. Robert F. Kennedy decided to run for president, Johnson surprised everyone by withdrawing from the race.

New Hampshire also ended President Harry S. Truman’s career. Plagued by low poll numbers, Truman nonetheless agreed to have his name appear on the New Hampshire primary ballot in 1952. He received only 44% against Tennessee Sen. Estes Kefauver and then dropped out.”

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