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Biden Gets Clean Bill Of Health – Or Did He?

We agree with Nikki Haley. It seems to us a matter of great significance to our national security and our economic well-being that all presidential candidates when they reach the age of 70 or 75, should be required to pass a mental competency test. Every Supreme Court Justice over that age should as well.

A naysayer is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, 81 years old, and took great offense at the former South Carolina Governor’s wise recommendation that mental competency tests be done for high office holders older than 75. He told CBS it was “absurd” and ageist. (By the way, this rule would apply to 76-year-old Donald Trump.)

Can Joe Biden pass such a test?

This New York Times headline says, yes:

Except that Dr. Lawrence Altman noted in the Times that Biden’s longtime physician, did not answer any questions about his evaluation of the President’s mental fitness, such as whether he had administered the Montreal (MoCA) or other screening tests, which can be done in a few minutes.

Dr. Thomas Wisniewski, the director of cognitive neurology at N.Y.U.-Langone Medical Center, said in an interview that all 80-year-olds should have such minimal mental-screening tests as part of a general assessment because “the incidence of dementia in 80-year-old patients is sizable, about 30 percent.”

The bottom line is we don’t know for sure the condition of Joe Biden’s mental health. Show us the test results, Mr. President.

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