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Quote Of The Day

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Education Freedom in State of the State address last week:

“We must empower parents. Parents deserve access to curriculum to school libraries and to what their children are being taught.  We will do that with our Parental Bill of Rights. Parents also deserve education freedom without that freedom some parents are hindered and being able to help their child succeed. That must change this year. The way to do that is with school choice  – through state funded education savings accounts.

“We’ve seen them work in other states and we’ve also seen them work right here in the state of Texas. I created education savings accounts for special needs students it worked so well a bipartisan super majority passed it into law and are now seeking to increase funding for it. Now what we need to do we want to expand that program to provide every parent with the ability to choose the best education option for their child.  Under this school choice program all public schools will be fully funded for every student this issue is so vital to the future of our state I am making education freedom and emergency item this session.”

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