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Biden Is Right To Let The States Take The Lead In Fighting COVID

We at CTUP have been saying from the start of Covid that the best policy response was to let states take the lead and let federalism work. We have ALWAYS been against a one-size-fits-all federal response. We have advocates letting 50 states be laboratories of democracy to figure out best responses.

Trump did this in 2020 and never got the proper credit for resisting demands by the left (and people like Fauci) for nationwide lockdowns.

Governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida were heavily criticized by the lockdown left, but now the data has vindicated the Florida model as superior to the model of blue states which needlessly shutdown schools, businesses, churches, and parks. Death rates from Covid were no lower in severe lockdown states than states that remained open.

It’s not often that politicians admit they were wrong, so kudos to President Biden for coming to the right conclusion, even if belatedly: there is no federal solution to Covid.

We find this to be an astonishing admission given that the core belief of “progressives” is that the feds can solve every problem known to man – even the rise of the oceans. 

We will see in the weeks ahead how Biden’s declaration plays out in practice. Can the Feds now resist intervening with national dictates? Our view is that if Biden is serious about states and localities taking the lead, he should immediately suspend his call for federal vaccine mandates.

Also, Biden owes Gov DeSantis an apology.

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