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Biden Spent Billions On COVID Tests That Will Arrive Many Weeks Too Late

Can the Biden administration do ANYTHING right?

Two months ago, Biden announced plans to buy 500 million at-home COVID test kits and mail them to anyone who wanted one. The Department of Defense spent almost $2 billion in the tests.

As our CTUP team John Fund and Phil Kerpen reported this week, this incompetent program diverted nearly the entire supply of tests from the retail shelves of stores down the street to a new government program, run with the typical efficiency of the US Postal Service. Six weeks later, many of the kits still haven’t been delivered, and many won’t be delivered until March 14 – and the government may largely miss even that woefully late date.

Even if you feel sick, at this point with the virus in full scale retreat, the tests lose their diagnostic value.

One wonders what millions of Americans will do with their worthless “Free” iHealth test kits when they finally arrive.

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