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Canadian Government May Seize Permanent Control Of Citizens’ Financial Accounts

We hope that you are as aghast as we are that Canada’s Justin Trudeau has invoked “emergency” powers to compel financial institutions to disclose customers’ private data and/or freeze their accounts—without probable cause, a warrant, or due process. This is all a retaliation against the truckers who protested the mandates. The order is an enormously dangerous power grab by government and a clear violation of due process of law.

But now with the protests dispersing, Canada’s finance minister Chrystia Freeland has announced a program to keep the surveillance power “on a permanent basis.” She says it’s a way to “increase the quality and quantity of intelligence…and make more information available to support investigations by law enforcement.”

What we find head-spinning about this turn of events is that the American media and many prominent leftists are still accusing the truckers, not the government, of being “fascists.”

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