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Biden To Put U.S. Back Into the Anti-America UNESCO

Among Donald Trump’s many unheralded accomplishments was pulling the U.S. out of the flagrantly leftwing United Nations agency UNESCO.

UNESCO has long been a shakedown operation with its Marxist “North-South” explanation of economic development – that northern hemispheres countries like the U.S. and Britain got rich through imperialism and raping poor nations of their resources.

So we shuddered when we heard that not only does Biden want the U.S. to re-enter UNESCO, his administration sent an apologetic letter pleading to be allowed back into the Paris-based agency. Please sir: can we pay you $150 million a year for the high privilege of sitting at the table – while you cut deals with China and trash the U.S.?

It gets worse: The WSJ reports that Biden has agreed to pay $619 million in “arrears” that American taxpayers supposedly owe UNESCO. We will also suffer the humiliation of a vote of readmission undertaken by “193 member countries.” Can we count on Zimbabwe to vote for us? Will there be a hazing process if readmitted?

And for what? The leftists who populate Biden’s State Department fret that the Chinese are taking over UNESCO and we must rejoin to “counteract their influence.” Why is this a problem? By all means, let Beijing pay the bills.

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