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Nevada Democrats Defund Scholarships For Poor Kids

Last month, Illinois Democrats killed “Invest In Kids”, a modest program that provides grants to 9,000 students from low-income households to attend a private school. Polls showing that around 71% of Black voters and 81% of Hispanic voters backed the program were ignored.

Now, Nevada’s Democrats are aiming to kill that state’s seven-year-old Opportunity Scholarship program. The $7 million program will now be zeroed out and over 2,000 low-income kids will be forced to return to urban schools known only for their failure.

Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo fought to expand the program to more than 10,000 kids. The total cost would still have represented just 2 percent of the $2 billion Nevada spends on public education.

Pitifully not one Democrat broke ranks to support keeping the existing scholarships alive. Assemblywoman Danielle Monroe-Moreno, who also chairs the state Democratic Party, led the opposition even as she admitted that her mom “worked two jobs” to send her to a private school.

So, we guess the Democrat position on education is that great schools are only for the rich or for kids with single mothers who will work two jobs.

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