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Biden: When In Doubt, Find A Scapegoat!

The White House is spooked by the news inflation is out of control.  It has a possible solution.  Blame business.

The Washington Post reports White House aides “are considering whether to escalate an attack on parts of corporate America over rising consumer prices…..the administration would amplify criticisms of large firms in heavily concentrated industries for passing higher prices on to consumers as they benefit from high profits, the people familiar with the matter said. The effort would be aimed at both directing voters’ attention to companies over inflation as well as giving companies a reason to think twice before raising prices.”

The Biden White House has already blamed high energy prices on the oil industry.  Now they are seeking a scapegoat for inflation.  What’s next?  An effort to blame the shortage of truck drivers on companies who’ve raised wages, but not by as much as the administration wants?   Oh, wait, they’ve already done that.

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