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Here’s a Briliant Idea: Let’s Make All of America Look More Like the Blue States

Higher taxes, more welfare benefits, more unfunded liabilities, increased business regulations, give-aways to the unions. How is that going to work out for the US of A?

Hmmm. Let’s see.

Wait. There are some places where these policies have already been tried and tested: in blue state America.

How is that working out for them?  The latest jobs data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics through October paint a picture of two Americas. 

Blue states are economic disaster areas as the chart below shows. The unemployment gap between red and blue states has persisted now for nearly two years…and it’s getting worse for places like California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. The eight states with the highest unemployment rates (including Washington, DC) are all deep blue, meaning Democrats control all the levers of power.

The 10 states with the lowest unemployment rates ALL have Republican governors, and only one of them, Vermont, has a Democratic legislature. This red state versus blue state gap is especially surprising because back in March the federal government gave more than $1 trillion to blue states to bail out their economies, and they’re still in anemic condition.

The whole idea of states being laboratories of democracy is that the feds are supposed to adopt the successful policies of the states. The Biden plan adopts the catalog of failed policies of blue states.   

So much for following the science.

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