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Biden’s Airplane Mask Mandate Ended By Federal Court

As most of our regular readers know, CTUP president Phil Kerpen has led the fight against the airline mask mandate.

So we were thrilled that yesterday Trump-appointed judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle struck down the CDC’s unlawful airplane and mass transit mask mandate. Congratulations to Phil and the team for a great win for freedom.

Full decision:

The Biden White House appears not to want to appeal the decision and will let the mandate end.

This is the White House statement:

Alaska Airlines and United announced that effective immediately, masks are optional on their flights. The other major airlines, Amtrak, Uber, and even the DC Metro system followed within hours. Of course, our view is that if an airline decides to keep a mask requirement, that’s their choice — and customers are free to fly on the airline of their choice. Let the market work.

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