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Supreme Court: Trump’s State And Local Tax Deduction Cap Constitutional

For three years now democrat lawmakers from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and other high-tax states have been feverishly trying to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Democrats especially despise the cap of $10,000 on deductions of state and local taxes. This tax loophole allowed rich residents in high-tax states to deduct state income and property taxes from their federal tax bill. This deduction enabled California, New Jersey, and New York with income tax rates of 10% or more to keep their taxes sky high.

The Supreme Court correctly threw out the Democrats’ ludicrous challenge. No one has a constitutional right to a tax deduction. This ruling means that if you live in CA, IL, NY, NJ, you are either going to have to get the tax laws changed in these states – or move to Florida or Texas.


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