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Biden’s Election “Reform” Bill Lays An Egg

The progressive crusade to take federal control of voting procedures from the states and to weaken measures to root out voter fraud has finally died in the Senate — for now.

While Biden has made this bill one of his two highest legislative priorities, it turns out voters don’t care about the issue. Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report noted that “voting rights barely register as a public concern….in a recent Associated Press poll, respondents could mention up to five problems for the government to work on in the coming year; just 6 percent of the public placed voting rights anywhere in their top five.”

On the other hand, voters still have genuine concerns about voter fraud and the irregularities of the 2020 election – even if some of the complaints have been exaggerated. A new poll by Doug Schoen, who worked as a pollster for Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg, found that the percentage of voters who believe President Biden’s election was legitimate has dropped 10 points since April, from 64 percent to 54 per cent. Only 56 percent of independents now believe in the integrity of the 2020 election.

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