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Yes, Bring On The Biden Referendum!

Speaking of the Biden economy, Democratic political strategists must have reached for a stiff drink yesterday when President Biden used his news conference to announce:

“I’m happy to debate and have a referendum on how I handled the economy.”

Yes, Mr. President, you’ve done an amazing job in just one year. You inherited 1.6% inflation and now we have 7%. You inherited $2.59 a gallon and now we have $3.69. You inherited an economy with full shelves and now we have empty shelves. You inherited a debt of $22 trillion and now it is at $24 trillion. You spent nearly $3 trillion to combat the virus and now it is spreading again. Congrats. A+ performance.

Polls vary, but not one shows anything even close to a majority of the public approving of Biden’s record on the economy. CNBC’s latest poll shows 60 percent disapprove of his handling of the economy. That’s the lowest economic rating of any president since Jimmy Carter in 1977.


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