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You Have to Give Up Your Gas Car So We Can Lower the Global Temperature by 0.007 Degrees

If we force every American to buy an EV, instead of the earth’s temperature warming to 60 degrees, the average temperature would be closer to 59.993.

Our friend and energy analyst Ben Zycher of AEI ran the model on the impact of converting the entire auto industry to EVs. Here is his summary:

EPA claims that the rule will reduce total greenhouse gas emissions over 2027-2055 by 7.2 billion metric tons. But despite a long and disingenuous discussion of the purported adverse effects of greenhouse gas emissions, EPA admits that it “did not…specifically quantify changes in climate impacts resulting from this rule in terms of avoided temperature change or sea-level rise.”

The reason for that failure is obvious: The answer would be embarrassing. If we apply EPA’s own climate model, with assumptions that exaggerate the climate effects of reductions in GHG emissions, the rule would reduce global temperatures in 2100 by 0.0068 degrees Celsius — an effect far too small to be detectable.

For this, we’re all supposed to give us our gas cars? Really?

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