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The Left Wants Biden to Pardon IRS Employee Who Leaked Thousands of Private Tax Returns

This headline from Slate magazine blew us away:

Readers will recall that former IRS contract employee Charles Littlejohn stole the tax return data of more than 1,000 high-income Americans and sent the documents to ProPublica and the New York Times. These newspapers then published the private information – which they described as a “vast treasure cove of tax data.” The political agenda was to cherry-pick data to support their claim that the rich don’t pay enough taxes.

Every one of his acts was a blatant and intentional felony violation of the IRS privacy laws. The integrity of the tax system depends on keeping tax return data private.

Our view is that Littlejohn got off too easy. Biden’s DOJ let Littejohn plead guilty to just one felony count for his thousands of crimes. Judge Ana Reyes was unamused, calling his crimes “an intolerable attack on our constitutional democracy” and handing him the maximum five-year sentence. He is appealing.

The left portrays Littlejohn as not a criminal, but a “whistleblower” and a hero. Slate argues that the real outrage is that the tax system “favors the rich.”

We have here another example of the situational ethics of liberals who believe they are morally justified in breaking the laws of the land because they are on a righteous mission. Next, they will be blowing up oil fields and pulling guns on people who drive gas cars.

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