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Biden’s Ministry Of Truth Is Shut – Good Riddance

We’re pleased to report that the Biden Department of Homeland Security has been forced to “pause” the work of the Orwellian-style Disinformation Governance Board. Its wacky and worrisome head, academic Nina Jankowicz, resigned her post on Wednesday.

Jankowicz was a disastrous choice for the job because she herself was a fountain of exactly the type of misinformation that the new agency was supposed to expose and squelch.

Newsbusters posted a series of tweets and videos in which she falsely claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop story was a “Trump campaign product” and the Steele Dossier was funded by Republicans. The Washington Post seethed yesterday that Jankowicz was a “victim” of character assassination by the right because she was skewered with her own words. The Post even resorted to the standard liberal trope that this is what conservatives always do to “women and people of color.”

But much more important than Jankowicz’s downfall is that this truth squad which was designed to regulate free speech is shuttered – for now, at least.

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