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Biden’s Regulation Tab: $10,000 Per Household

That’s the takeaway in the New York Post editorial on our latest CTUP study with their usual dramatic flair.

The costs of Biden-era new federal regulations — imposed “at a pace surpassing that of the Obama administration” — “amount to almost $10,000 per household,” reports economist Casey Mulligan for the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. And if “regulatory costs continue to rise at the same rate as they did during the Obama administration, the total costs of Biden’s rulemaking over an eight-year period would almost reach $60,000 per household.” By contrast, four years of Trump regulatory moves “reduced regulatory costs by almost $11,000 per household.” Oh, and Biden federal agencies underestimated the actual cost of their rulemaking by about 256%. “Government regulation may be the single greatest barrier to prosperity.”

Mulligan was on Capitol Hill two weeks ago as a lead witness testifying before Congress on these findings well.

The full study is here:

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